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New home construction before and after:

New home under construction            New home construction after

Remodel & room addition, before and after:

Remodel plus addition            Remodel & addition after

A master bathroom created from unused bedroom space:

Master bathroom 1                Master bathroom 2             Fireplace view from bedrooom            Fireplace in master bedroom


An old swimming pool is converted to a beautiful addition:

Unused swimming pool                Unused swimming pool conversion              Unused swimming pool conversion

Unused swimming pool conversion                Unused swimming pool conversion              Unused swimming pool conversion 

Bathroom remodel #1:

Bathroom remodel 1                Bathroom remodel 2

Bathroom remodel #2:

Bathroom remodel 3                Bathroom remodel 4           

 View of bathroom from outside                Bathroom remodel 5                Bathroom remodel 6

Bathroom remodel #3:

 Bathroom remodel 7               Bathroom remodel 8                Bathroom remodel 9

Kitchen remodel #1:

Kitchen remodel                Dining room

Kitchen remodel 3                Kitchen remodel 4

Kitchen remodel #2:

Kitchen remodel             Kitchen remodel            Kitchen remodel 

Kitchen remodel #3

Kitchen remodel #3 pic 1            Kitchen remodel #3 pic 2            Kitchen remodel #3 pic 3

Elevated / 2nd floor patio

Construction of 2nd floor patio            French doors            Family room


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